Never mind about CG

Don't Think about Logos and CGs. PlyCast will assist you, to get the best experience in automation processing. The setup is very easy!

Unlimited Layer Options

Use Images, Moviefiles with Alpha or HTML5 Templates with transparency. Only your GPU can stop you...

Python Plug-in

Write easy Plug-ins with one of the easiest and famous Dev-Language in the world. Control a Videohub or let the Door Ring on CUE. It's up to you.


PlyCast runs on the famous RedCast Engine. Its specially made for 24/7 Broadcasting.

Create Templates

Make effective templates and schedule like a pro! Just drag and drop the template files directly into the main playlist. The files can be prepared for you by your employer. Work faster because indexing isn't required. Just Drag & Drop from Explorer, Copy, Cut, Paste, or Delete. It should be as simple as that.

Multiple Instance

PlyCast is portable! Just copy the folder and start a new instance or a new broadcast station. PlyCast is supporting the RedCast OnTime Playlist and Template Files!

Basic Plug-ins

Write easy Plug-ins with one of the easiest and famous Dev-Language in the world: Python! Control a Videohub or let the Door Ring on CUE. It's up to you.


It starts a clip or event exactly at the time you need it.

Goto (Loop)

Jump back or forward to a specific clip or event.


Just hold the "Alt" key and shuffle the files to create a unique clip experience.


Let PlyCast wait for the next event.


Make an in-and-out point for a specific clip.

Mail Alert

Always stay informed. PlyCast will send you an email if something went wrong.

Switch Input (VideoHub) Python

Insert a live signal into your masterstream.

Smart Videohub (BMD) Python

Let's switch the signal from somewhere to anywhere and back.

It's useful to know...

Hey! It's just a powerful client!

CasparCG Server is a Windows and Linux software used to play out professional graphics, audio and video to multiple outputs as a layerbased real-time compositor.

Release Schedule

This overview shows the next important dates for the releases.


Release Candidate

Next (approx. January 2023)



Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to answer a few questions that we are asked again and again, briefly and concisely here.

Can I use the software commercially?

Absolutely! PlyCast can be used without limits. Also commercial! No ads, no limits. PlyCast is completely free.

Do you offer support or guarantees?

No, our documentation will always be up to date and is also the point of contact for all questions.

Can I report bugs?

Yes, I would love to! Easily report bugs in our Forum. Describe the error as precisely as possible! A "It doesn't work..." is not enough.

Problems with the CasparCG video server?

Read the CasparCG instructions and system requirements.

System requirements

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